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Anti Skid Color Pavement Systems

Features and Advantages

● Long - Lasting
● High Friction Skid-Resistant Surface
● Easy Application
● Fast Cure Time
● Low Life Cycle Cost
● Strong Adhesion to Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

Product Description

Anti Skid Color Pavement Systems

- colorful road pavement resin + aggregates 

EASYBOND supply and lay cold applied high friction surface surfacing sealer and aggregates which can be used for cycle 

tracks, approaches to junctions and roundabouts and also driveways.EASYBOND -M54 HFST is a two-component PU resin-based binder. The binder can be applied to both asphalt and concrete, manually or automatically, and is capable of rapid cure in three hours or less at temperatures above 50° F.

When incorporated with broadcast aggregate this system adds increased skid resistance that can greatly reduce accident and fatality rates on hazardous roadways.

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