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PU rigid foam materials
Product Description

Two component polyol and isocyanate for polyurethane close cell liquid rigid foam insulation raw materials

Two Component Polyurethane Resin Rigid Foam System For Injection sandwich panel machine 

It is a low-density rigid polyurethane foam with excellent insulation capability.

This makes it ideal for thermal insulation of cold chain applications (e.g. refrigerators & freezers refrigerated display counters, refrigerated trailers and

containers, cold stores) as well as for insulating pipe assemblies (district heating/cooling) and water heaters and boilers.


infill refrigeration installation equipment , infill insulation composite roller shutter , air frame, steamboat , train composite panel , prefab house composite panel

,as one kind infill material for easy broken packaging material 

Key Benefits

Outstanding insulation: Closed-cell foam for a wide range of applications in the field of heat and cold protection.

Good mechanical properties: Individually adjustable mechanical properties and good dimensional stability.

Excellent adhesion: Bonds to a wide range of materials.

Good heat resistance: Good resistance to elevated temperatures and good durability.

Easy and flexible processing: Allows cost efficient application on substrates or easy filling of complex cavities.

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