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E-Bond 74 /74S Resin glue Coastal stone protection systems

Easytocoast resin is use to bond the coast stones, it makes the coastal protection safe . it is a novel, intelligent polyurethane system. It is a two-component binder for revetmentsin coastal areas and stabilization of riverbanks. It is so open-pored that it removes the destructive energy of wave run-up, demonstrating its strength to make coasts and riverbeds much safer. it has also proven itself as a submerged breakwater and is ideal for marine plant restoration.

Rock-solid with easytocoast

It is a new, extremely effective coastal protection system. They consist of aggregates (crushed rock) mechanically bonded with an environmentally compatible 2-component polyurethane plastic. This mixture is applied to prepared dikes, walls, breakwaters, and other marine and freshwater shorelines. The result is an extremely durable, strong, and therefore safe bulwark against waves and high water. This is achieved by distributing wave energy over a larger area, reducing the local concentration of surface pressure. Less stress is placed on the revetment. Compared to a sealed surface, which completely reflects the destructive force of the waves, the porous surface absorbs part of the hydraulic energy through friction in the pore volume and eventually converts it into thermal energy.As a result, the water masses achieve a lower wave run-up with less hydraulic energy, which reduces the potential for damage.


How it works:

Step 1 :
Mixing A - and B - component
Step 2 :
Adding mixture to the stone
Step 3 :
Coating with eastocoast by tumbling process
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